Honest dialogue and life in motion.

There are few things that I enjoy more than honest dialogue and meaningful conversation. As fun as it is to go out, and do lots of things, sometimes doing nothing provides a more memorable time. Put on some good tunes with good company, and I’m happy.

This weekend has been a huge blessing.

I have been itching all day to drive somewhere and watch the sunset. I want to be outside, in nature…carpe diem. I still don’t know the right spots for such an excursion in socal, but I’m determined to find them, before I leave. I love going to the beach for this, but I also want to hike up somewhere.  There is a certain peace that comes from exerting sweat and exhaustion, culminating in an astounding view of God’s glory.

Tonight might have to be a beach night (admittedly not a horrible “second” choice).

Huntington Beach, 2008

Lately my thoughts have been littered with how badly I want to travel the world. A friend told me recently that many people have high aspirations to do this, but most fail to make it happen. He’s right.

Part of me desperately wants to put life on hold after graduation and just go. I can’t stop thinking about it.  I want to see the world, meet new people, love on people and create stories with my life that I otherwise couldn’t.  But, honestly? I am afraid of going it alone. I should be thankful that I am not “tied down” and have no one except God to answer to, but I have had too much pride to admit that I am very much afraid.

The other part of me just wants to keep on with my plans and my immediate goals of law school. What’s the rush though? I sometimes have trouble slowing down, breathing in everything around me and taking time to enjoy all of the little things.  I believe sometimes there is great wisdom to be found in simplifying life. I often wonder if this is wisdom and insight that I am currently lacking.

In any event, life is moving and so is Christ in me. I have found that focusing my prayers on those I care about and less on my immediate desires and circumstances, has started to humble my sometimes selfish prayers and ignite more of the relationship with God that He desires, one of intimacy. It’s a long road, with many roadblocks and detours, but it’s a road that I find has the best scenery and destination.