Must breathe!

I haven’t really had a moment to breathe in the past couple weeks, and these few minutes spent writing have become my much needed therapy and brief distraction.

I must make it to May….. I can almost, not quite, but almost, see the light.

This weekend, SCPA Finals.

Next week, Dayton, Ohio, WGI World Finals.

Two weeks from now, Dominican Republic, book project (more on this later!).

PHEW….All the while trying to tackle 18 units, work, teaching, 2 internships, and RCC rehearsals.  I am physically exhausted.  Running every morning is becoming harder and harder because my body is so drained.  I am trying to learn what is too much, and I think I am beginning to find my answer.

Those of you who have sent prayers my way, I am very grateful.  I need all the strength right now that is not my own.  I have really great friends though, thanks.

Susan and I, RCC 2011

Here’s a little devotional:

Walk by Faith
by Charles R. Swindoll

If you’re under the impression that you are going to be great because of some accomplishment you’ve achieved but harbor wrong attitudes, you’re in for a terrible jolt. Greatness comes in the sweet-spirit attitudes of humility and forgiveness toward others. Joseph sets before us a magnanimous example. How beautifully forgiving he was, how generous in his mercy.

It takes God to make the heart right. When I have a wrong attitude, I look at life humanly. When I have a right attitude, I look at life divinely. That’s the real beauty of Joseph’s life. That’s the kernel of truth his life represents. He was great, mainly because of his attitude.

And there are specific lessons that grow out of that single truth. Let me offer at least three for your consideration.

First: When I’m able, by faith, to see God’s plan in my location, my attitude will be right. God sent me . . . God sent me . . . God sent me. Not until you can relax and see God in your present location will you be useful to Him. A positive theological attitude will do wonders for your geographical latitude.

Second: When I’m able, by faith, to sense God’s hand in my situation, my attitude will be right. I don’t begin the day gritting my teeth, asking, “Why do I have to stay in this situation?” Instead, I believe that He made me the way I am and put me where I am to do what He has planned for me to do.

Third: When I’m able, by faith, to accept both location and situation as good, even when there’s been evil in the process, my attitude will be right. When I can say with Joseph, “but God meant it for good,” then I become a trophy of grace.

Joseph shows us that the only way to find happiness in the grind of life is to do so by faith. A faith-filled life means all the difference in how we view everything around us. It affects our attitudes toward people, toward location, toward situation, toward circumstances, toward ourselves. Only then do our feet become swift to do what is right.

You say you want to be considered great some day? Here’s the secret: walk by faith, trusting God to renew your attitude.

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