Let your life leave them breathless.

There is something uniquely satisfying when you turn the pages in a book and feel the weight shift between your hands. It’s a slow, steady process, but sometimes it takes you by surprise.

The next thing you know, the volume of pages have increased so much in your left hand that you have no choice but to accept the fact that an end is drawing near. You turn the pages at a slightly slower speed, relishing each sentence, each word, each syllable for all that it is, but even with the encouraged delay, the pages march on.  You are suddenly left with a page, two paragraphs, one sentence… and it’s done.

Some books leave little impression, you finish the last word, close the book and then pick up your next read without a moment’s hesitation.

Others, however, leave you breathless, wishing the story didn’t have to end.  You are left in a standstill for what may seem like days, wondering why this story meant so much to you, why you are fighting tears and reaching for more pages that don’t exist.  Trying to digest the reason these words connected with you so deeply, you search your very being trying to find answers.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again, I want to tell a story with my life.  This idea was initially encouraged by two books by Donald Miller that left me breathless, Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I want to tell a story with my life that will leave the reader fighting back tears, wanting to read more and thinking “man, what a great story.”

If we think of our lives like a novel to be published in our favorite mom and pop book store, how would we change the way we live each day?

What kind of action are you taking to create a story?  Are you passionate about something and are you doing something about it?

Are you just letting the pages be written or are you actively writing the pages with a life comprised of experiences, memories, friendship, love, heartache, conflict, resolution, and truth?

Think of your life as a story that anyone could pick up and read and see how your daily activities morph into something more meaningful to you and those who surround you.

Leave them breathless, my friends.

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