Need your Help: Fund a Human Rights Lawyer

Thankful for my friend Kevin’s support. Please take a moment to consider donating and sharing with your friends my goal. Thank you!

There Is No End In Sight

This summer I met a young woman named Lydia during my 4K for Cancer ride. Sitting in a room surrounded by strangers, she courageously shared her story of her fight with cancer. Diagnosed as she was about to enter law school, Lydia deferred for a year for treatment. This year she made it through orientation but once again is going through surgeries to fight cancer. Yet despite all the time she spends fighting for herself she never stops fighting for others.

2013.11.11 Lydia's Human Rights Lawyer Campaign

This year Lydia’s Christmas wish is to fund a human rights lawyer for those who are in need of defense but cannot afford it. Defending human rights is Lydia’s passion, and she has this to say about her fundraising goal:

For Christmas this year, I want to raise money for an IJM human rights lawyer to stand up for a victim of violence throughout the legal process. Without an…

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2 thoughts on “Need your Help: Fund a Human Rights Lawyer

  1. cait cullen says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your story. I’m really enjoying reading through about the journey you’re on. I too have thyroid cancer. Your writing voice feels very similar to mine. I’m going to keep reading! Thanks again for sharing.

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