Sex Trafficking – LAS Leads Collaborative Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery

Today Catherine Longkumer spoke on a panel at Chicago-Kent regarding her efforts in combatting human trafficking. I stumbled upon this post that she wrote last year. Please take a moment to read:

I have recently been reflecting on a speech that Kevin Bales made at a TED conference where he talks about how when we free slaves today we want to make sure they experience true liberation and not botched emancipation.

I was thinking about that line as I viewed the movie “Lincoln.” As I watched the legislative process and the strength, resolve and political finesse Lincoln was portrayed to possess, I wondered what it might have been like had he lived. Would the Emancipation have been different if Lincoln had been alive to usher in Reconstruction? Would individuals who had been freed been provided with the support and tools they needed for true liberation? I’m not sure.

As I watched the 112th Congress over the last two years I wonder if we are even still capable of having great defining moments such as the passage of the 13th Amendment…

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