The Dominican Dream

It finally happened! Our book, The Dominican Dream is released!

This week was incredibly exciting. On Tuesday, I was interviewed on the Frank Pastore radio show with my friend Job during rush hour! For an entire hour, Job and I had the privilege of representing our team. We were able to tell southern California listeners (and online listeners) about our trip to the Dominican Republic to write this book. I am so humbled by the opportunity and so many blessings have come from it. The full podcast is online here.

Biola also wrote a story about our interview.

Our book’s website is up and running and you can purchase a copy of it there!

THANK YOU for financial, emotional and spiritual support through this journey.

We could not have done it without you. So much love.

With this book, our hope is that you see baseball in the Dominican Republic as something more than just a pastime. The way Dominicans have pursued baseball as a national sport reflects the passion and culture of a people seeking restoration. What started as a way out of poverty for a chosen few has now become an inspiration for an entire country to make changes for the future. Baseball — a Dominican dream — has awakened a greater sense of hope for a better life.
The Dominican Dream

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