2011 in Rewind.

Things I’ll never forget from 2011 (in chronological order):

-Taking pictures of The Rose Parade for Halftime Magazine
-21st birthday
-Taking the LSAT
-Interning for Jenna and Brenda in University Communications and Marketing
-My broadcast class with Stew, especially the women’s protest Jenna, Kayle and I documented for our first package
-Dealing with a broken heart
-My radio class projects and hanging out with Josh from 98.7 FM
-Car rides to RCC with Susan
-RCC “Hope, Dream, Fly”
-Dominican Republic trip and book
-SMU staff retreat
-Creating my Graffiti Project
-Moving into my first apartment
-Melissa coming to California
-Going to Conan O’Brien show with Melissa, Holly and Amanda
-Getting my first tattoo
-Going clubbing with Melissa and Susan
Conversation with the waiter at Cheesecake Factory
-Living with Jenna Marie
-My students
-Babysitting Seth and Sydney
-Doing the weird, fun “fire dancing” photoshoot with Jimmy
-Working with Brenda
-Watching the Colts with Pam (and being passive aggressive as they fail miserably)
-“That night” with Jenna, Jimmy, David, Daniel, and Joel…yes.
-Getting a third degree burn on my arm
-Writing a 30-page comprehensive paper on the existence of suffering in the world.
-McClain’s late night studying with Jimmy
-Being on the Frank Pastore Show
-Travis passing
-Spending time with Jason and Kelsey
-City and Colour concert with Jimmy
-SMU Marcom staff meetings with Gabby, AJ and Chelsea
-Riding the motorcycle with Dad
-Receiving my first law school acceptance letter

















































































































Looking forward to 2012 when I graduate from Biola University, go on the 500-mile bike ride for IJM with Venture Expeditions, move to wherever I’m going to school and start law school!

“Don’t get older; get better:
Live realistically.
Give generously.
Adapt willingly.
Trust fearlessly.
Rejoice daily.”
-Chuck Swindoll

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